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Product Manuals

Shift Light - Single Mode, Operating Instructions 

 Shift Light - Dual Mode, Operating Instructions (V1.8, Current Version Since 11/23/2014)


Older revisions:

Shift Light - Dual Mode, Operating Instructions (V1.5, Display Blanking Feature Removed: Jan 2014 - Nov 23, 2014)

Shift Light - Dual Mode, Operating Instructions (V1.4, With Display Blanking)

 Quick-Kill, Sport Bike Power Interrupt


RPM Switch Operating Instruction

Warning Light Operating Instructions

Product Specifications:

Shift Light Specifications

RPM Activated Switch Specs

Warning Light Specs

Gen II Dual Mode Shift Light Specs

Quick-Kill Sport Bike Power Interrupt

If you need vehicle install info (if available) see "Wiring Info" tab at the top.