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Raptor Shift Light Install-Mustang 2011-2013 5.0/5.4L V8

There are 3 connectors on the PCM:

C175T on top
C175E in middle
C175B on bottom

1) Connect green wire of shift light to coil driver #1:

Pin #70 on PCM, 70 pin connector C175e (middle connector, white wire with violet stripe). **Note**: You can also go directly to the #1 coil for this wire. Or any coil driver will work.

2) Connect red wire of shift light to 12 volts switched source:

Pin #42 on PCM, 70 pin connector C175B (bottom connector)(yellow wire).

It is recommended to use an inline fuse (1/4 Amp if available) for the red wire of the shift  light.

3) Black wire of shift light to ground of vehicle or pin #69 on PCM connector C175B (bottom connector), black wire with blue stripe.

4) If installing a dual mode shift light, connect the white wire of the shift light to pin #14 on PCM 50 Pin connector C175t (TOP connector) (brown wire with green stripe). This wire actually looks "cream" in color with a pale green stripe. This wire comes from the speed sensor on the back passenger side of the transmission.

Set the shift light to "1 cylinder" mode (1/2 PPR)

 View of PCM (was on its side in this car, normally rotated 90 degrees with the connector on the right, normally at the top). (This was on a twin turbo 5.0L Mustang and had to move the PCM to add the turbos). The green wire of the shift light was tied into coil #1 at the coil, instead of the PCM. But you can use pin #70 on the middle connector as well, as stated in step 1 above.

**Be careful if removing the plastic covers on the PCM connectors. The plastic tabs can break easily if forced. Just Pry the tabs back slightly on all four tabs and then remove the cover. These covers just snap down with 4 tabs over the top of the connectors to cover the wires.

 PCM Connectors View. The top view in this picture is with the connectors unplugged (PCM-Header View). Pin numbers are stamped onto the connectors. The bottom view in this picture is the mating connectors that plug into the PCM. This holds the wires that we splice into.