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Raptor Shift Light Install-Mustang 1996-1998 4.6L V8

Remove gauge cluster to expose above connector. There are actually two 16 pin connectors, C250 and C251. The one shown above (C251)is for power, ground and tach signal. The opposite connector has the vehicle speed signal which is necessary if you are installing a dual mode shift light.


  • The tach signal originates at the PCM, pin#48, connector # C294, orange wire/white stripe. It changes color at connector # C213 and becomes tan wire with yellow stripe. It then routes to gauge cluster at connector # C251 (shown above) pin #8

  • Switched 12 volts is in same connector (C251) and is pin #4 (red wire with yellow stripe).
  • Ground is in pin #1 of same connector (black wire).
  • If installing the Raptor dual mode shift light, connect the white wire of the shift light to the Vehicle Speed Signal (Vss) located on the opposite connector (C250), pin #5, gray wire with black stripe.