Raptor Shift Light Install-Kawasaki ZX12R

2000-2005 Kawasaki ZX12R

All connections made at back of gauge cluster (on 20 pin connector).

Click here for -----> Gauge Cluster Connector Diagram

Pin #1: Tach signal (green wire of shift light).

Pin #9: Speed sensor signal (white wire of shift light). (This Only applies to dual mode shift light).

PIN #12: Ground (black wire of shift light).

Pin #14: switched 12VDC (red wire of shift light).


Looking at the 20 pin connector from the back of the gauge cluster, pin #1 is top left. Pin numbers increment from left to right.

Set the shift light to "1" cylinder mode if using the dual mode light that has upper rpm limit of 20,000 RPM and program the rpm setpoint directly 1:1.

If using the single mode light with upper rpm limit of 9900, set it to "2" cylinder mode and then program the rpm setpoint by 1/2.

**CAUTION**If using the output option for auto-shift during installation, program the shift light first, and then hook up output from shift light (brown wire) to avoid shifting into gear un-expectantly during initial programming. THE SHIFT LIGHT WILL GROUND THE BROWN WIRE WHEN IT HITS THE SETPOINT. We also recommend a small toggle switch inline with the brown wire to disable/enable autoshifting.