Raptor Shift Light Install-Hayabusa/GSXR1000

Suzuki Hayabusa/GSXR1000:

All wires can be connected to the rear of the instrument cluster.
Function Shift Light Wire Color Wire Color on bike
Tach Signal: Green Yellow with blue stripe
Switched 12 Volts: Red Orange with green stripe
Ground: Black Black with white strip
Speed Signal: White Pink

Raptor Shift Light Install-Hayabusa/gsxr1000 <---This pic is from a 2002 GSXR1000 (Colors remain the same throughout the various years).


Also, on the nosepiece near the right ram-air tube, there is a unused connector containing two wires - black with white stripe and brown with white stripe.  The brown with white stripe is a switch 12VDC power source.  The black with white stripe is a ground.  This connector is used for running lights for European models, and is unused on the US Hayabusa.  This is an alternate source for power and ground. 

The best place to mount the shift light is on top of the black plastic inner fairing by the gauges.  The shift light came with two different types of mounting brackets.  I used the larger bracket and bolted into the black plastic piece by the gauges.  Make sure you mount the bracket far enough back so that it doesn't interfere with the foam that is on the plastic piece that lays on the gauges or it won't fit flush.  Also, I mounted mine with a double bubble windscreen so I had additional clearance.  There is a drain hole at the back of the black inner panel that is perfect for routing the wiring. 

The shift light is very easy to setup.  The Hayabusa works on a 2 coil tach lead.  That means that even though the Hayabusa is a 4 cylinder engine, it will be set at only 2 cylinders for the shift light because that is all the tach lead monitors. 

Set the shift light to "2" cylinder mode if using the dual mode light that has upper rpm limit of 20,000 RPM and program the rpm setpoint directly 1:1.

If using the single mode light with upper rpm limit of 9900, set it to "4" cylinder mode and then program the rpm setpoint by 1/2.

**NOTE**:  If using the dual mode shift light (added launch feature) connect the white wire of the shift light to the speedometer signal wire (pink wire behind cluster).

**CAUTION**If using the output option for auto-shift during installation, program the shift light first, and then hook up output from shift light (brown wire) to avoid shifting into gear un-expectantly during initial programming. THE SHIFT LIGHT WILL GROUND THE BROWN WIRE WHEN IT HITS THE SETPOINT. We also recommend a small toggle switch inline with the brown wire to disable/enable autoshifting.

 Raptor Shift Light Install-Hayabusa/gsxr1000