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Raptor Shift Light Install Harley Davidson VROD

Engine speed signal: Connect green wire of shift light to the unused pin (#3) position on the ECM using crimp on pin:

Harley part#:72076-00


Vehicle speed signal: Pin # 33 of the ECM. Either black wire with blue stripe or white wire depending on year.

Set the shift light to "2" cylinder mode.

**CAUTION**If using the output option for auto-shift during installation, program the shift light first, and then hook up output from shift light (brown wire) to avoid shifting into gear un-expectantly during initial programming. THE SHIFT LIGHT WILL GROUND THE BROWN WIRE WHEN IT HITS THE SETPOINT. We also recommend a small toggle switch inline with the brown wire to disable/enable autoshifting.

**The Raptor shift light can also read from the negative side of the ignition coil an most Harleys. If you have single coil serving two cylinders, set the shift light to "2 cylinder" mode. If you have a coil per cylinder, read off the negative side of one coil and set the shift light to "1 cylinder" mode.