Raptor Shift Light Install-Cobalt

2005: tach signal is at cylinder #1 ignition coil, brown wire with white stripe (ignition coil driver #1 from PCM)
2009 Cobalt SS 2.0L Turbo (LNF Engine): Engine RPM can be found at any of the 4 ignition coils or at engine control module (ECM). There are 2 connectors on the ECM, "X1" and "X2". "X1" is a 96 pin connector. "X2" is a 58 pin connector. ECM is located at front of vehicle's engine compartment, driver's side.
X1 is where the coil control signals come from. Pin 55 (coil control #1, purple wire), Pin 79 (coil control #3, light blue wire), Pin 56 (coil control #4, dark green with white stripe wire), Pin 80 (coil control #2, orange wire). Tie the green wire of the shift light to only one of these wires either at the ECM or at the coil. Set shift light to 1/2 pulse/rev or "1 cyl mode).
If using dual mode shift light, connect white wire of shift light to ECM connector "X2", pin #53, yellow wire.