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Raptor Performance

Raptor Sport Bike Ignition Soft Kill

Raptor Sport Bike Ignition Soft Kill

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 Raptor Sport Bike Ignition "Soft Kill" module delivers smooth, quiet, seamless shifting with no backfires and no "FI" trouble codes. And yes, we have even run nitrous with absolutely no back fires!


  1. Reduced 1/8 and 1/4 mile time slips!
  2. Precise kill time setting ranging from  0 milli-Sec to 99 milli-Seconds - (you set it to 45mSec and it will deliver exactly 45mSec, with no guess work)
  3. Rotary switches with detent, providing positive feedback by clicking in place
  4. Repeatable setting and performance
  5. Air valve delay built in so the gear lever is slightly preloaded BEFORE the kill event (saves 10-12 mSec per shift)
  6. Miniature size makes it easy to install on the bike (1.97 inches x 1.97 inches x 0.79 inches - height) - and light weight
  7. Potted for moisture and vibration resistance. This adds to the possible  range of mounting locations (recommend under seat)
  8. Automotive grade sealed Molex harness connector
  9. Easily replace your existing ignition kill box will little effort
  10. Computer based control system developed using automotive design and manufacturing principles
  11. No relay contacts to wear out like the competition. The Raptor Soft Kill is produced from precision digital components, that are built to last.
  12. Precise control of the ignition spark kill
  13. Interfaces directly with the Raptor Shift Light for automatic shifting or for manual horn button shifting
  14. Status LED indicator for power on, kill active conditions
  15. No backfiring or odd ignition and combustion events
  16. Engineered to work in a wide range of operating conditions
  17. No significant current draw from the battery, only the operation of the kill box (less than 50mA), unlike the competition that drains the battery approximately 55 amps during every kill event
  18. Comes with a universal wiring harness
  19. With our competition, they fire all ignition coils each time they shift, creating a multitude of timing problems (possible intake valves open, pre-detonation because the pistons are in the wrong location in their cycle, etc). With the Raptor "Soft Kill", the firing of the coils as well as the dwell time remains in complete control of the ECU, not the kill box!
  20. Oh, by the way, did we mention reduced 1/8 and 1/4 mile time slips!

Check out the brochure for the Sport Bike Soft Kill


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