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Shift Light - Raptor Single Mode Shift Light (Gen I)

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Shift Light- With the Raptor single mode shift light, you don't need to worry about missing a shift. You will get consistent results, shifting at the exact desired engine RPM each and every time. With the aid of a Raptor shift light, hitting the rev limiter while going down the track is a thing of the past!

Available in four LED colors. Seven bright LEDs visible in direct sunlight.

Easy wire-up: power, ground and tach signal. With the supplied ten foot long cable, you don't need to add extra wiring.

RISC processor for extreme precision and easy user interface. Simply turn the two rotary RPM switches for the desired setting,  select the cylinder setting to match your vehicle and cycle the power. The new settings are then stored in memory.

Dimensions: 3.125" long x 0.75" diameter. The most compact shift light of any manufacturer! Allows you to mount it virtually anywhere within the vehicle, even in the AC vent for a hidden but effective shifting tool.

Two different style Mounting Brackets included.

Vinyl covers (included) are for reducing emitted light intensity for night racing. They do not determine the color of the emitted LED light. Covers match the LED color (included) and one black cover included.


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