Raptor Shift Light Install-Mustang 2011-2013 3.7L V6

There are 3 connectors on the PCM:

C175T on top
C175E in middle
C175B on bottom

1) Connect green wire of shift light to coil driver #1:

Pin #38 on PCM, 70 pin connector C1381E (middle connector, white wire with violet stripe). **Note**: You can also go directly to the #1 coil for this wire.

2) Connect red wire of shift light to 12 volts switched source:

Pin #42 on PCM, 70 pin connector C1381B (bottom connector)(yellow wire).

It is recommended to use an inline fuse (1/4 Amp if available) for the red wire of the shift  light.

3) Black wire of shift light to ground of vehicle or pin #69 on PCM connector C1381B (bottom connector), black wire with blue stripe.

4) If installing a dual mode shift light, connect the white wire of the shift light to pin #25 on PCM 50 Pin connector C1381T (TOP connector) (brown wire with green stripe).

Set the shift light to "1 cylinder" mode (1/2 PPR)