Dual Mode Shift Light Specs (Gen II)

 Dual Mode Shift Light Specs (Gen Ii)
  • Ultra Precision, digital RISC microcontroller technology! 
  • Self Contained, no rpm activation modules or "pills" needed!
  • No tach adaptor needed for new "Coil-on-Plug" with multi-spark ignitions!
  • Works on all ignition systems, excluding magneto ignitions (such as 2 stroke bikes). Can be connected to "tach out" terminal of aftermarket CDI ignition boxes, but not at coil due to extreme voltages generated.
  • Fast and easy RPM setting with digital display and two program buttons
  • 1000-20,000 RPM range adjustable in 100 RPM increments
  • 123456 or 8 cylinder engines
  • 5 or 12 volt tach signal operation (ECM or coil)
  • Seven high intensity LEDS available in red, green, yellow or blue
  • Black, powder coated for durability, 6061-T6 aluminum housings
  • 0.75 inch diameter x 3.625 inches long
  • 10 ft. cable (cars), 5 ft. cable (bikes)
  • Simple 4 or 5 wire hookup: red=12VDC, black=ground, green=tach lead, white=Speed signal, brown (if equipped)=output to control external devices
  • Shipped with 2 types of mounting brackets
  • ounce total weight with 10' cable
  • User adjustable sensitivity levels. Minimum signal required to activate shift light in high sensitivity mode ( 2 volts peak to peak square wave). Minimum signal required to activate shift light in standard sensitivity mode ( 4.8 volts peak to peak square wave).
  • Shift light automatically switches between launch and shift mode controlled by speed signal.  Zero speed = launch mode. Non zero speed = shift mode.