Raptor Shift Light Install-Mustang 2016 5.2 V8 GT350

There are 2 connectors on the PCM:

C175E (95 pin connector)  <-----We use this one
C175B (103 pin connector)

1) Connect green wire of shift light to coil driver #1:

Pin #93 on PCM, 95 pin connector C175E (white wire with violet stripe). **Note**: You can also go directly to the #1 coil for this wire. Or any coil driver will work (each ignition coil will have a purple wire, choose the other color, not purple).

2) Connect red wire of shift light to 12 volts switched source. (possible connection: Pin #18 on PCM, 95 pin connector, C175E, blue wire).

It is recommended to use an inline fuse (1/4 Amp if available) for the red wire of the shift  light.

3) Black wire of shift light to ground of vehicle. 

4) If installing a dual mode shift light, connect the white wire of the shift light to pin #26 on PCM, 95 Pin connector, C175E (yellow wire orange stripe).  This wire comes from the output shaft speed sensor on the back of the transmission.

Set the shift light to "1 cylinder" mode (1/2 PPR)