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There is a difference between a product developed by a hobbyist and that of an engineer.  The engineer not only considers how the product can be designed and built, but how the product should be designed and built.  The end function of the product is not the only thing an engineer considers. The longevity of that feature or function is important and is known as reliability.  A product that works for a short period of time, is not deemed as a success, at least, the engineers with which I associate.

An engineered product does not only think about what needs to happen, or what the customer expects in the performance of the product, but they also think about the things that a customer would not say. That may sound ridiculous or obvious, but it really is not. For example, consider specifications for the product. It is not possible to have all the things we do not want to have happen in the product specification.  Engineers carefully consider the design and the implications of design decisions on the product and the system to which the product interfaces (such as vehicle systems). This requires an understanding of the entire system to optimize the design of the product and the products interface to any other subsystems or systems.

There are a variety of design incarnations explored, decisions made, and trade-off considerations that go into an engineered product. These decisions range from engineering design, to manufacturing and industrial engineering considerations to reliably and repeatedly to be able to replicate the design. To do this, variation of the design constituent parts as well as operating environment is carefully explored and considered.

For example, electronic components perform differently at different temperatures, this is known as the derating.  Derating means the value of current a component can carry, will depend upon the ambient temperature. This is just one of the myriad of technical and business things that must be considered in an engineered product.

The reason why Raptor Performance is able to do this?  Because Raptor Performance includes engineering and product development talent that total nearly 100 years and much of that is within the automotive industry. Where others may work out of their garage and have practical experience, the engineers at Raptor have both practical and engineering experience that spans a range of automotive product development and manufacturing.  Raptor engineers think not only about how to meet the customer’s needs, but also how not to violate those often unspoken needs like reliability and will not harm the customer’s existing equipment. We think about product failures, long before the product is even something that fits in our engineers hands. We perform thought experiments, simulations, and testing on early concepts to assure these things work as needed.  

Raptor sport bike "Soft Kill" coming soon:



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